VIDEO LEAK: Arrested Child Trafficker Admits to Boarding School Used as Front for Organ Harvesting Network in Ukraine | Human Events |

In a video confession of a child trafficker who was caught on Ukraine-Slovakian border, the trafficker admits that he had higher involvement in the trafficking of kids from a boarding school in Perechyn, Ukraine. Child trafficker and ex-teacher, Denys Varodi, 43, had allegedly given a $1000 down payment for the 11-month-old baby. He was arrested on the Ukraine-Slovakian border and put in prison. In a video obtained by journalist, Vitaliy Glagola, Varodi’s cellmate recorded a video where he admits and exposes more child trafficking he was involved in at the school he taught at. Varodi said that he and other traffickers were involved in various activities with a “charity organization.” The charity worked with orphaned students at a boarding school in Perechyn, Ukraine. According to Varodi, many of these trips for students went to places such as “Holland, or Germany, or Italy, or America. “During the various trips of the students, lawyers working with the trafficker would falsify documents of the students’ travel and some were allegedly “adopted.”In reality, according to Varodi “children and students of the Borshchiv boarding school were taken out for organ transplantation.”

Source: VIDEO LEAK: Arrested child trafficker admits to boarding school used as front for organ harvesting network in Ukraine | Human Events |

In the video, the child trafficker Denys Varodi admits that he was clearly aware that he was taking children “to organs”. Despite the fact that he told the parents that the children would be adopted into European families.