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Democrats Launch INSANE Abortion Ad With CREEPY Republican With The Tag MAGA IS WATCHING YOU

Motion To REMOVE Kevin McCarthy As Speaker FOUND IN BATHROOM, Gaetz Goes To WAR With Uniparty GOP

Donald Trump Jr Was Hacked, Posts HILARIOUS Nonsense #shorts

STATE OF EMERGENCY Declared In Texas As THOUSAND Of Illegals Immigrants STORM US Border

Donald Trump Jr HACKED, Posts HILARIOUS Nonsense, Democrats Ramp Up DISINFO Campaign To Cheat 2024

FDA Plans ARTIFICIAL WOMBS Today, Panel Could Make Fake Wombs LEGAL To Grow Humans

Democrat Says Biden DEATH IS IMMINENT Due To his Age, Even Biden Says HE IS WORRIED He May Die

Machine DECLARES WAR On Russell Brand, Shows CANCELED #shorts

RAY EPPS CHARGED BY DOJ, One Misdemeanor Count Sparks MORE Theories About Epps J6 Involvement

YouTube SHUT DOWN Russell Brand, DISABLES Monetization, BBC PULLS Shows As Brand Is WIPED From Media

Students REPORT TEACHER For Critical race Theory Offending White Students, Wokeness IS LOSING

Democrats Allow Fetterman To BREAK DRESS CODE Sparking Outrage, People Say SHORTS Are INAPPROPRIATE

Poll Says Women WONT DATE MAGA, But Men Will Date ANY Hot Chick #shorts

Italy INVADED By 7000 Migrants Sparking PANIC, Texas Hit By LARGEST Illegal Immigrant INCURSION Yet

Machine DECLARES WAR On Russell Brand, Shows CANCELED, Agency Dumps Him Over Me Too Allegations

Democrats EXPOSED As Illogical, No Morals, Timcast Crew Breaks Down Political Debate

Oliver Anthony CANCELS Show, Venue Says He Wanted $120k

Democrats MOCKED For Creepy Video Showing Them Worship BLM Like Cultists

John Fetterman ROASTED For Goofy Video Mocking Joe Biden But Democrats LOVE IT

New AI Developments In Adult Content Will Make Men Go Insane